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Drug Addiction: Life with a Drug Addicted Wife, Chapter 5, Beth Gets Deeper into Drugs and Dealing
Published By charlesjbarneysr on 2011-10-19 163 Views

This is chapter 5 of Life With a Drug Addicted Wife. It is a true story of what life was like with my ex-wife. The names have been changed to protect my ex and her children from possible embarrassment. This chapter will deal with Beth getting involved deeper with drugs and even dealing.

When Beth returned from three weeks away with Ike, for a brief time, she seemed like she had stopped using drugs as much as she was. For a few days life was normal around the house. Beth was doing her chores like she once did before she had gotten involved with drugs. She was taking care of her girls, Rita and Linda, and she was pleasant to be around. This was a far cry from what I had seen before she left. But my respite would soon end as she had never gotten away from the drugs, she just had enough to keep her happy for a while. You see, when Beth was running out of drugs she was scared and mean; when she was using she was a joy to be around.

Beth started taking trips with Ike again to God knows where. I found out later that she and Ike were buying cocaine in Pittsburgh and bringing it back to our town to sell. She had never planned to get rich selling drugs, she just needed enough to support her habit. Her habit was a big one, though, and it took quite a bit of money to keep it up. I was doing a job in New York one day and while I was gone, my wife and her best friend, Vickie started taking cash out of my American Express account. She didn't admit to this; but when I got my $3,000 bill from American Express it was pretty obvious who was using my card. Now things were really adding up, about 1,200 to get her out of jail, about $4,000 from her stealing my missions money, and now $3,000 from my American Express account. That's $8,200 in just a few weeks! She was breaking the bank.

Beth once again started taking trips with Ike, these were short trips to somewhere around Wilkes-Barre, PA. She and Ike could get there and back in about five or six hours. When she arrived back in town, she never stopped at the house. Ike and she had set up shop in a sleazy little motel about two miles from our house. There they cut the cocaine and meticulously weighed it and packaged it for distribution.

It is my understanding that Beth would "sleep" with Ike for free drugs. Although she was in town, she rarely came by to see her kids or me. She always told me she was too busy; but she would be home "soon". "Soon" continued to be weeks at a time. At one point the children thought that their mom had abandoned them and she pretty much did while she was involved with dealing.

Soon, police were stalking my house. I used to go out on my porch and relax. Sometimes I would see three or four police cars creep by in an evening. Sometimes they would even just sit along side of the street near my house and watch what was going on. Beth started closing all of the blinds, curtains and shades in our house. Apparently, during my out of town trips, Beth and her friends all shot up their dope in my office. I started finding used insulin syringes and points (needles) in various hiding places in various rooms. I would get rid of them all; but they would quickly return. I was fighting a loosing battle. Had I been smart I would have called the police and reported what I saw was going on; but I was afraid that I would also get in trouble since Beth was doing these things partially out of my home. I didn't condone what was going on; but I couldn't stop it either.

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Drug Addiction: Life with a Drug Addicted Wife, Chapter 5, Beth Gets Deeper into Drugs and Dealing

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Drug Addiction: Life with a Drug Addicted Wife, Chapter 6, Beth has Her Kids Taken Away

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